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15/1 Karve Road, Next to Ranka Jewellers, Nal Stop, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411004
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Libremos a 100% herbal mosquito repellent these days everyone is bombarded with chemicals to fight mosquito menace. most of these chemicals are carcinogenic and add to the polluted air that we are already breathing. its a catch 22 situation where its hard to choose between a deadly fumes ands disease spreading mosquito bites. most of the people choose the earlier one as effects cause by harmful chemicals is not immediate and relief from mosquitoes is seen at instant. is there any better alternative ? yes, nature has the answer for it. many essential oils such as lemon grass, citronella, eucalyptus have smells that are irritant to mosquitoes. libremos is a blend of such essential oils not only to repel mosquitoes but give you a refreshing aroma in the room. libremos is a premium quality 100% herbal mosquito repellent that gives you liberty from mosquitoes at indoor as well as outdoor locations. it is free from any hazardous or toxic chemicals making it very safe to use around the house.
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