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Sr No 43, Plot No 68, "Rang Bahar",, Navsahyadri Society, Karvenagar,, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411052
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Ever imagined what happens when a group of likeminded people, deeply in love of Mother Nature, set out with a common goal of her upliftment and betterment? As righty put by the great John Muir, the clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. Well, we invite you to take this journey to the Universe. And not just merely take it but also decipher this wonderful path, which according to Muir is through Nature. There are millions around the globe who,at some point or the other have experienced what it really means, being amidst a thousand trees with countless, yet melodic tones of the jungle folk echoing all around. However not many comprehend this with every minute detail, the way it is meant to be. 'The Territory' is your perfect tutor to fathom all these experiences; offering you the rare treasures of our rich and exotic flora and fauna coupled with unimaginable luxury. It is said that, on Earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it. We, at ‘ The Territory, help you to unravel these heavenly pieces that we call today as 'Forests' to take you that one little step closer to the eternal almighty. Biggest thing to deliver: We are a group of self motivated individuals, with an appetite to unfurl the cognizance about the untamed riches of our country. From the dense jungles to the snow clad peaks and from the deep blue seas to the vast meadows, our mother land has a bountiful of these jewels to offer that we, so unknowingly, are ignorant about. We at 'The Territory' believe, that it is our moral responsibility, to put across these beautiful gems of Mother Nature, to every individual, as that is least we could do for her. In order to set equilibrium between Mother Nature and the mankind, we offer you these treasures of our mother land with, the much needed relaxation you are looking for. Exceeding expectations is our motto and we strongly urge each one of you out there to lend us, your much needed support, by giving us an opportunity to lay out this beautiful masterpiece of the great Lord, we call 'Nature'. Each one of us must strive to make our Earth a better place before we leave, than what it was when we arrived. So expand your horizons and give Mother Nature a second chance!!!!
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