EK Type Multidisc Clutches - Magna Core
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  • EK type clutches & brakes are used to control starting and stopping of machines.
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EK type clutches & brakes are used to control starting and stopping of machines. There are many designs in electromagnetic clutches & brakes, such as, single disc, multiple disc, stationary field, with slipring, dry wet etc.


These are multiple disc oil immersed (magnetic flux passing through discs) type clutches with slipring. They are used specially in machine tools like milling, lathe, grinder, bearing machine etc.


Dimensionally clutches and brakes are same. When slipring is not provided it is used as a brake. Plug type brush holder is required to supply current to clutches only. And brakes are provided with flying leads. No wear adjustment is required during working. After complete wear set of friction discs needs replacement. Standard voltage is '24 volts D.C.

Technical Details

There are three types of mounting in every size.

    Basic Design : To mount on two shaft with key way or splines.
  • 'B' Design : Bearing Mounted - To Mount on single shaft with gear or sprocket. .
  • 'C' Type Design : Clutch is assembled on bush and cup is found free to couple with driven shaft.

Construction & Working

In all designs clutches and brakes consist of magnet body with sealed coil and internal and external discs, armature plate and cup. Internal plates and Armature plate are running with one shaft and external plates are running with another shaft. When D.C. supply is feeded to magnet body all plates are locked with each other and power is transmitted from one shaft to another shaft.