Vissco Knee Support-Medium
MRP: 260.00
  • Muscle pull or ligament damage can be really painful when it occurs in the knee region.
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Muscle pull or ligament damage can be really painful when it occurs in the knee region. This is due to the fact that it doesn't get adequate rest to heal properly often increasing the swelling and pain associated with it. In such cases it s very important to provide some kind of support to the region to facilitate speedy healing. Vissco Knee Support 704 enables its users with complete support and provides the affected area the compression and support it requires. It also improves the flow of blood to the soft tissues in that area thus speeding up the recovery process and easing pain. The Vissco Knee Support comes with three Velcro straps which help in keeping it in place providing a comfortable and snug fit.The material is light-weight and breathable ensuring that there is no discomfort during its use. It is elastic and stretchable allowing the knee to be tightly supported along with providing the necessary airflow which is required. The knee support is designed to ensure a two-way stretch for maximum comfort. Vissco Knee Support 704 provides therapeutic and healing results when used regularly on the affected knee region. The material is made of cotton elastic which is popular for its sweat absorption and comfort of wear.

Benefits of Use:

  • Provides rigid and tight support to the affected knee
  • Comfortable and breathable material makes it a comfortable wear
  • Made of cotton elastic material which is stretchable and sweat resistant
  • Washable
  • Therapeutic effect ensuring speedy healing when used regularly

When to Use:

  • In case of muscle injuries and ligament tear
  • When controlled mobility and bending flexion is required
  • By people with muscle strain or a healing knee injury
  • By children who have strained their leg
  • By senior citizens with arthritis issue leading to knee pain and inflammation

Product Specifications:

  • Brand Vissco
  • Model - 704
  • Product Name Vissco Knee Support
  • Product Category Assistive Healing
  • Available Sizes Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra-Extra Large (XXL)