Electromagnetic Waves & Radiating System
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  • Authors: K. G Balmain, E. C Jordan
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Phi Learning
  • Edition: 2nd, 2011


Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems covers all the fundamental principles of electromagnetic theory and the transmission, radiation, and propagation of EM waves.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a form of energy associated with charged particles as they propagate through space in a wave like pattern. These are called electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves are caused by the interaction between electric and magnetic fields.

In an electromagnetic field, the electric and magnetic fields oscillate at right angles to each other and also perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation and energy flow. Electromagnetic waves do not need a material medium in order to propagate. They can travel through vacuum.

Because electromagnetic waves can travel through vacuum, they can travel through the emptiness of outer space. Light is an electromagnetic wave, and it travels fastest through a vacuum.

This book covers the fundamentals of electromagnetic analysis and electrostatics. It then covers the steady magnetic field, Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic field, wave guides and guided waves, and pointing vector and the flow of power.

Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems then covers the interaction of matter and field, antenna fundamentals, antenna arrays, and secondary sources and aperture antennas. The book then discusses impedance, ionospheric and ground wave propagations, principles of broadband antenna design and electromagnetic theory and special relativity.

The book covers the fundamental theories of electromagnetism, and the radiation of electromagnetic waves. It then discusses the engineering applications of these concepts like    waveguides, transmission lines and antennas.

This book is a good introduction to Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems for engineering students.